Stories of Place

A Community Storytelling Project
October 2020 - June 2021


Marjorie Kay

Amelie Pothof

Quentin Riley

Mali Brown

Berna Orton

Lucy Vince

Ruth Eager

Jacob Barrington

Chris Dillon

Neve Bellingham

Maggie Geaney

Chloe Holland

Loren Noble

Kaia Helle

Hermione Dunbar

Ga Ga Gribble

Leslie Orton

Poppy Dheer

Noeline King

Ruby Costigan

Jill Bough

Zoe & Ava Perak

Zoe Pyros

Ben Francis

“I'm happy to have been asked to be part of this project. I enjoyed speaking to Hermonie, learning and hearing about her story. It was a pleasure creating, drawing and painting an artwork about Hermonie's love for Avoca Beach.” — Gaga, 18
“I enjoyed this project as it helped me learn about Marjorie.” — Amelie, 12
“I really enjoyed participating in Stories of Place and depicting Ruth's experience of living on the Central Coast. Ruth's story meant something to me because when she wrote about looking out the kitchen window and seeing galahs and cockatoos somersaulting off powerlines and shrieking in the morning I see and hear that too in my own backyard because we both live in Kincumber.  I really enjoyed doing the zoom meeting with Ruth and her telling me some other stuff about her life. This project was really good because it got the community together because being in this lockdown can make some people lonely, and it's nice to reconnect with people again.” — Jacob, 11

If you look closely, you’ll see that Channan has incorporated elements from all twelve stories into his cover design. We chose the genre of folk art to illustrate our stories because traditionally it reflects the cultural life of a community: a literal, colourful and naive style of picture making, well suited to storytelling and perfect for our young artists.

Channan Lawson, 14 years old