Virtual Hypnotherapy Journey

"…And now you're standing on Macmasters beach… The sand is so soft and cold beneath your feet, the sun is just rising in the sky, and your cheeks are so cold from the crisp winter morning. The smell of salt lingers in the air, and over the wind and waves - you hear the sound of laughter, community, and connexion to place. You can smell the Australian smoking ceremony that is happening on the sand, and as you walk through the smoke you feel the blessing and love that is bestowed upon you in that moment… On the beach just ahead of you there, you can see beautiful art installations made of colourful sails. They’re flapping lightly in the wind… there are also woven grass and stone artworks… natural, beautiful artworks on the beach… and you know that it is time to begin the 5 Lands Walk…” – excerpt from 5 Lands Hypnotic Journey of Healing, recorded by Axel Starviking, Starviking Hypnotherapy Clinic

Take a restful and relaxed inner healing journey, with a professionally recorded self-guided sleep hypnosis. Enjoying lush soundscapes, with Binaural music that promotes deep mental and emotional rest, take part in a smoking ceremony, visit The Gathering at Mt Finchley, The Awakening at Mt Kincumber and then take a walk along the 5 Lands: Macmasters, Copacabana, Avoca beach, North Avoca and cross the finish line at Terrigal. Finishing up with a visit from the Message Stick messenger.

This relaxing hypnosis will bring about deep inner healing, along with lush, imagined visuals and the freedoms we remember with love. The 5 Lands Hypnotic Journey of Healing, self-guided hypnosis, will be available on youtube at Starviking Hypnotherapy - YouTube, and via the 5 Lands Walk Virtual Experience.