The Message 2021

5 Lands Walk Message 2021

Gathered together, a midwinter dream
Stars pulse with hope in Mirrabooka
Orienting ourselves to one highest star
Recalibrate together
Nerves and bones and thoughts and teeth and skin
Synchronising while we breathe it in
The fire is as warm as a child
The potential for life brimming wild

Transforming ourselves, learn from the earth
Hands holding hands together
Now we must step out into the world
Tentative steps together
Pulsing reconciliation glows
Resolving tension weaving healing songs
Stories to ancestors flow
Weaving our song as we grow

Recalibrating one to another
Unquantifiable healing
Look to the highest, brightest of stars
Then feel the earth together
Hold the torch and whisper in the air
Pulse with ocean feel the healing there
And see the face of a child
The face of the future looks kind